Business Storytelling via Engagement

It is noisy out there.

If you’ve been trying to tell the story of your business, you know it. You know how difficult it is to go up against the flood of information that your customers have to deal with on a daily basis.

You can have the best story – relevant, timely and important. But if no one hears it, does it matter how good it is?

Craig Turner specializes in helping businesses, not-for-profits, municipal governments and even individuals tell their stories in a way that is relevant, effective and resonates with the right people – their customers and stakeholders.

In Craig’s world, storytelling success comes from creating a strategy, knowing the players and striving for mutual value in every relationship.

Great storytelling for businesses requires a number of strategies, including:

• Content – What’s the story you’re telling, and how is it relevant to the people you want to reach?
• Engagement – Who is your target audience and how do they know they are?
• Social Media – How does your target audience like to communicate (or be communicated with)?
• Public relations – How does your story fit in with all the other stories out there?
• Networking – Who else can help tell your story for you?

Our coaching sessions are aimed at improving your story, and helping you to tell it more broadly and more effectively.

Why is this our focus? Because in addition to being President of Momentum Public Affairs and Momentum – The Business Growth Agency, President of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, Executive Director for the Buffalo Niagara International Trade Gateway Organization, and Founder of The Campaign Coach program, Craig Turner is also an author of several novels, including the popular WILTON’S GOLD trilogy. Storytelling is in his blood.

Every small business has a story. Let’s talk about yours.

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Coaching Topic: BC Communication
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