Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Being able to speak in front of people, whether in a small group or in a large crowd, can significantly influence your success in life.

A lot of the things we do in our career and personal life have something to do with how we present ourselves in front of people. Being able to speak clearly and confidently is a key factor succeeding in different situations in life.

For example, graduating students with good speaking skills can adapt faster at work. They can communicate well with colleagues and bosses because they know how to speak and present themselves well. It’s also important for when they need to make presentations to teammates and clients.

Leaders with excellent public speaking skills are able to communicate well with their people. They know what information to convey, and how to deliver it in a way that will be relevant and applicable to others.

But oftentimes, public speaking is something that people dread and fear. They avoid it at all cost, run away from it if they can. According to a known survey, public speaking is the number one fear of people. It even surpasses fear of death or fear of heights.

Experts have revealed that fear of public speaking is linked with fear of judgment or fear of rejection. When people are faced with the task of speaking in front of a lot of people, their brains immediately kick into flight mode. They perceive the idea of speaking in front of others as a threat, so their hearts start to beat faster and their palms sweat profusely. All these are because of the things that are happening inside the brain.

If you book a coaching session with me, I will help you peel off these layers doubt and fear. I will help you strategize so you can finally make that first speech, presentation, or report in front of your audience.

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