Revitalize Your Prayer Life

Prayer is such an important part of a Christian’s life. It is the way that we communicate with God. It is a means of getting closer to Him.

When we speak to Him in prayer, we acknowledge our dependency on Him. We pour out our hearts to Him and show Him how much we love Him. It is our way telling Him that He is important to us.

While prayer is man’s basic response to God, we can easily forget how to do it. We get so consumed by the worries of life that we forget that we can go to God and let Him know what fills our mind.

God knows what’s in our mind, yet He finds great delight in a devoted believer who comes to Him in prayer. We may fumble with our words but He doesn’t mind that. Because what He sees is the heart that’s inclined towards Him, a heart that has a posture of humility and trust.

It is such a joyful thing when a lowly people go to God in prayer. They are strengthened and refreshed, because in God they find all that they need. They know that something powerful happens when a person who is at His wits end, kneels down and pray.

If you feel like you’re rusty in your prayer skills, then don’t worry. Because the mere fact that you’re acknowledging your lack is a big step toward revitalizing your prayer life.

I would love to help you figure out how you can make prayer a part of your life again. Let’s talk about the things that you can do to start praying again. In no time, you will see your desire for communing with God increase. You will start to notice how your moments in prayer with God become like the air that you breathe.

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