Know Your Superpower to Achieve Happiness and Success

You want to help others, but you don’t know how.

You know that there’s something in you, but you don’t know what it is.

There’s that burning desire to make a difference in this world, but you have no idea how you can do it.

This desire to serve others and to make a difference is all part of who you are, how you were created. We all want to make our lives count. We don’t want to just live for ourselves, we want to impact other people’s lives.

When you watch a superhero movie, you will see ordinary people doing ordinary things suddenly thrust into an altogether different lives once they discover their superpowers. Their lives become so more meaningful because they have a purpose.

They don’t live their lives just for themselves, but they know that they have a responsibility to care for others. They lives may seem chaotic at first, but it’s all worth the trouble. To see lives saved, families reunited, and cities re-built, that’s definitely worth the sacrifice that superheroes have to make as they start using their superpower.

It can happen for you, too! Your boring and humdrum life can have so much more color because of your superpower. The job you have doesn’t have to just be a job, but it can be a tool where you bless others with your words and actions. You can wake up every morning feeling so energized because you have something to look forward to during the day.
You may already have a clue as to what your superpower is, you just don’t know for sure.

Let me coach you using a simple process, so you can find your superpower and start using it to help others. Life is so much more meaningful when you use it to serve other people.

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Coaching Topic: LC experiences & crisis
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