Are you adopted?

Adoption Life Coach

Are you playing hide and seek with your feelings about being adopted?

Adoption Coaching is about what you can do better with YOUR life. For me Coaching is to support, guide and direct you to create the life you deserve to live, and what you really want in life.
I am adopted from South- Korea, and I have a brother that is three years older than me, that are adopted from the same orphanage. Even though we had the same lovely family and upbringing, and we had many friends that were adopted too, we all had completely different experiences. So I know how it has been to experience different hinders in life, when it comes to have been adopted. From a rough start in life to all the emotions, questions and experiences that follows with it. But also how to empower it and thrive to the better....step by step.

That´s why it is for me a passion and desire to help and inspire you to see where you are in life right now, and empower you to change your life to something much better, and to accomplish whatever you want in life. Coaching can effectively discover why you do not achieve what you want – that´s why I´m here for you!

I know that Coaching can help you to break the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and action patterns and replace them with new a motivational guidance. Coaching is an effective way to help, inspire and transform you, not only to define you, but also achieve your goals – and overcome your obstacles and challenges in life.

Adoption Coaching can transform you to identify who you really are, and to move forward to where you want to be in life.

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Coaching Topic: LC Problems & Solutions
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