Understanding Both Sexes in the Digital Age: Online Dating

Today, dating is not the same as it was even 10 years ago. The types of relationships and desires is totally open to what one wants. The digital age has changed all that. With so many dating apps the dating scene has changed. The social dynamic of meeting and dating today is not easy. Men are hunters and ladies.... your needs and wants are more open today. With the ability to start and end relationships with a swipe left or right, the art of dating is a crap shoot. However, men are men and women are women. Guys, women still desire the same things today as they did 100 years ago. And ladies you need to keep or regain your power stop letting guys control the moment. Guys stop the penis pics. Hello I am Chris Mahan, I am married, 24 years and we are in a polygamous couple. Meaning we date. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful girlfriend. It took my wife and I 3 years and many ladies and guys for her, to get here. Along the way I discovered what the modern woman wants and needs. I have also learned through my wife how men are messing up today and what women are missing. Since 2016. I have dated a few, and talked with dozens of ladies of all ages and back grounds. Let me help you both navigate the digital waters to a happy life.

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Coaching Topic: LC Dating: Dating or Breaking up
Gender of the Coach: Male

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