Your Personal Growth is the key to your Unlimited Abundance.

We are here to fulfill our biggest goal- to become the Better Self and to achieve the highest level of Self-Realization. People keep forgetting this, while leaving their dreams behind and then waking up one day filled with frustration, anger or depression, just because they didn't do what they liked to or they could have to or they dreamed about, BUT, never did, for some reasons...............
Based on the combination of techniques and methodologies, we will be able to identify your Code of Talents and Opportunities, to increase your intuition, to clear the negative affirmations created in your childhood, to show you the true purpose in Life!!!
By personal growth i mean that we will be working on- self-realization, self-actualization, security in life, spirituality, job you love doing, motivation, and overall fulfillment. Do you love your job or always wanted to follow your passion, do you have a passion?
"Happiness can be predicted not merely by pleasure but by having a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Happiness is also associated with better performance in professional life/work"(Kesebir & Diener, 2008).
In each session we are going to discover your dreams, how they can be fulfilled and what is your ultimate Goal in life, what you really want to experience, to live up too, that, after all, you will not blame your husband/ wife or kids on preventing you from achieving the dreams that you have had.
Everything what happens to me is my and only my choice!!
I am not what happened to me, I am what i choose to become.
In our sessions, I will be using materials from Chinese Metaphysics, Professional Psychological Charts, Coaching federation materials, Your Purpose in life, by the Life Code Number and many other related materials i have created.

I am looking forward to working with you and to bring the positive changes in your life.

Stay Positive and Harmonious.

Keywords: self- growth, strategic planning, achievements, goals/actions, patterns/habits, focus/motivation, decisions, concerns, changes, happiness, work/career balance, new career, career after 40, self-branding,
Coaching Topic: BC Self-determined change
Gender of the Coach: Female

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