You are A "Real Deal", make sure they know it!!

You are a beautiful woman, either an entrepreneur or an executive, or you just living your life and doing what you love the most, and everything goes well, except your dating life.
I have been in this scenario myself and it all changed, after i took it all under my own control and serious work of 8 years -trainings, seminars, webinars, meditations, coaching sessions, fasting, praying and all together- it brought me where i am now.
Your friends trying to set you up, your parents are feeling bad about you and you came to the point in life when you are not quite sure if you need a man/woman or not, because, you can do it yourself- All of it, well, except few little things.

Based on hundreds of seminars i have taken, hundreds of books i have read, Professional Psychological tests (I am a Psychologist) i am using, Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi Calculations, Astrological and Numerology Charts), and the personal program i have created, we will identify your blocks, "believes", best times/dates to plan your true destiny and to work on yourself first and then, the right partner will come easily alone. 
I want to make it easier for you, you don't have 8 years to spend on figuring it out!!

With the degrees in Nursing, BA in Psychology and Masters, and endlessly mentoring my friends and colleagues, i have managed to co-create "happily ever after" for many many of them. It's your time now and you deserve it. 
Looking forward to meeting you soon online. Yours. Lilia  

Keywords: personal relations, dating, marriage, break up, compatibility charts, confidence, phobias, love life, bazi calculations, finding your life purpose
Coaching Topic: LC Dating: Dating or Breaking up
Gender of the Coach: Female

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