NLP Coaching for Professionals

I help diverse professionals across the globe leverage their emotional intelligence and navigate life in all areas. When we are fulfilled at a personal level, we will thrive at a professional level. And vice versa. Well-being is the sum of all parts of life.

I won’t tell you HOW to live your life, because this is your journey. Instead, I will help you navigate, manage and balance those areas which are important to you across your life wheel. A life wheel is a powerful tool, which helps you visualize all the important areas of your life at once. These are different for each human being and are made up of areas such as your personal environment, health, career, finances, significant other/romance, family & friends, personal growth and fun & recreation.

I don’t do one-size-fits-all, because I believe each human being is uniquely talented and gifted.

A snapshot of some examples of how I can help you:

  1. Helping you achieve your desired outcomes in those areas of your life wheel which are important to you, through a tailored and personal roadmap based on social-emotional intelligence techniques;

  2. Navigating and managing your energy across your life wheel: what are the most important areas to you and how can you balance your energy?

  3. Navigating your career by becoming aware of your character strengths, personality type preferences and by leveraging your emotional intelligence so you can achieve your professional desired outcomes;

  4. Helping you set well-formed outcomes through a unique way of goal setting by leveraging your emotional intelligence;
    Understanding and transforming your limiting beliefs, and help you adopt new empowering behaviors.

Keywords: nlp coach for professionals; emotional intelligence expert; managing your energy; work - life balance.
Coaching Topic: BC Self-determined change
Gender of the Coach: Female

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