Best Online Dog Coach with Celebrity Dog Trainer

Best Online Dog Coach with Celebrity Dog Trainer

Who We Are...

World of Dog Training is a heart centered, results-driven company focused on ensuring you and your dog walk away without being tied to a leash! We want to see you wagging your tail with excitement, confident in your ability to understand your pup so you can effectively communicate and enjoy each other to the fullest.

We make GOOD dogs, GREAT!!

No more chasing Fido out of the house after he’s peed on the carpet… again! It’s time to teach your “good boy” how to be GREAT, something we’ve mastered at WODT - and something that you can master too!

Our in-depth training is perfect for all dogs, all breeds, all ages - and all owners! We pride ourselves on educating dog lovers on canine language and effective training. Our approach to training continues to evolve. We offer 1-on-1, video and phone lessons by our Head Trainer and Founder, Ryan Matthews.

We are veteran owned and operated. Head Trainer, Ryan Matthews, has been training dogs since 2002. He began his career in dog training with training and handling elite Military Working Dogs (MWDs). While in the Army, he performed bite protection training, bomb threat sweeps, secret service missions, and combat deployment to Iraq (with his MWD, Zito) where he worked with Special Forces and Infantry units.

Ryan Matthews has trained over 3,000 dogs with incredible transformations. We pride ourselves on creating customized training programs to best support you and your dog. Ryan has great success is getting most dogs off leash within 3-4, 1-on-1 in- lessons for your peace of mind and freedom for your four-legged friend! You can rest assured that as long as you follow the program you too will have your dog off leash around distractions in no time!

Upon the completion of our program, you will not just be a dog owner, you will be a successful and confident dog handler. Trust us when we say, the difference truly is priceless! Not only will your pup be obedient off leash (even with distractions), you will be able to incorporate your dog into your lifestyle - hiking, enjoying time at your favorite café, even working at the office. And the real kicker? We will clear up common misconceptions about dog behavior by teaching you dog psychology.

When you follow our carefully crafted system for success, we guarantee results.

Why We LOVE Training Your Furry Friends?

Have you ever felt something so deeply in your soul that you just knew you had to get your incredible, unique gift out into the world?

That’s how we feel about training dogs.

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the full enjoyment of dog ownership, that sacred partnership… no matter what!

At his peak, Ryan was training 10+ dogs in-person per day, which was exhausting! And he struggled to find balance in his life because he truly loved what he was doing. But that constant grind ultimately cost him his health, and he knew he needed to find a way to still provide the same amazing services to his clients while also focusing on staying healthy - mind, body and spirit.

Ryan loves solving problems in an efficient and effective manner , including how to provide the BEST solutions to his clients and their pups that leaves everyone’s tails wagging !

So it seemed obvious that the transition from only offering in-person lessons to including online programs as well was the perfect solution! And it turns out, he was right.

Ryan’s ability to understand dogs and educate their owners on how they can communicate and observe in a way that actually produces results is like no other. We often joke that he was probably a dog in a past life…

Ryan’s goal is to clear up any misconceptions people have about having a well-behaved pup and show them how easy it can be to train any dog to be an incredible companion.

Dogs embody so much of what we strive to be as humans. They are: carefree & playful; willing to connect and love people unconditionally; openly affectionate; quick to forgive; enthusiastic about life; and they don’t take things personal.

We can all learn a thing or two from our four-legged friends… which you no doubt will in the process of solidifying the bond you have with your pooch through our World of Dog Training in-person programs, online courses and books.

We love your dogs as much as you do and we’re committed to creating a pawsitively outstanding experience for everyone involved!

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