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Brenton Tyler Hoffmann is a Master Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational & Transformational Resilience & Results Consultant & Coach, Energy Master, Empathic Earth Angel, as well as a Philosopher & visionary. He is a Coach To The Coaches and helps anyone who wants more harmony in all areas of their lives.
Former B2B Global Award Winning Lead generation marketing expert & Growth Hacker/Digital Marketer & Sales Trainer.
He has overcome so much and has succeeded in his personal & Professional life when so many doubted him & told him he would never succeed. This man knows hardship and knows how to overcome them. He knew he was going to help others overcome their own hardships and transform into the person they have always wanted to be. Mr. Hoffmann has been Healing, consulting and coaching people for over 10 years. The results speak for themselves.
His Life Purpose & mission is to inspire as many people as humanly possible to do the same & continue to create a Ripple Effect & hopes that the Ripple effect lives on way after he is gone. No matter what your current circumstance or situation maybe there is always a way out of what you are stuck in no matter how deep or how rock bottom you are at.
He reminds us all that anyone can change. Regardless of age, disorder, disability or disease. "You are stronger than you know and that you give yourself credit for"
His motto is "You can teach an old dog new tricks, just as much as you can teach a new Dog old ones by Invitation & Inspiration.
If You Are struggling, lost and in pain and want to call it Quits. Brenton reminds us all to never give in to the voice inside our head trying to convince us to give up on our dreams but moreover on our Vision.
Take the leap, do yourself a favor, and give yourself or someone you know & love the gift of empowerment, Transformation & Healing. He has helped people find and have harmony in all areas of their lives and he is confident he can do the same for you. sign up today and watch your Life change in ways you never thought possible.
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