Divorce Coach Wooster

Are you thinking about taking the divorce path but just not sure. Have you heard or thought of a divorce coach? A coach is similar to a mediator but I am your advocate not a neutral third party. I am here to act as guide on your behalf. I am not an attorney and will not give legal advice but I have over 20 years as a real estate appraiser and 30 plus years of life experiences. I know what has value and what does not in the real estate world. I proved property value for over 20 years. You might just need someone to talk to or confide in. I am here. I am a divorce coach in Wooster Ohio but I work remotely by phone or virtual which is similar to skype.
I am a mediator and divorce coach. I have over 20 years as an independent certified real estate appraiser in Bay Area of California. With my back ground in real estate I know what is value and what creates value in your real estate property. I also know and understand the real estate appraisal process backwards and forwards. Appraisers prove the value. Real estate agents guess. As a mediator I am a neutral third party that help to promote compromise. As a coach I am your advocate and I work for you and it is confidential.

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