Business Profitability Coaching

Most small business owners think poor profitability is financial problem. But in fact, it’s NOT!!!
Profitability is a financial metric measuring your operational efficiency. You can fix the issue by:
• increasing revenue
• decreasing cost and overhead
• speeding up your production
• improving cash flow
But, where should you focus your attention? This may be why you are struggling to become more profitable – the many variables overwhelm you! See the video on this page to learn more.
A Method to Fix Your Profitability Problem
Because profitability is operationally based, you need a way to manage your business from an operationally perspective. We understand this, so we developed the Tuning Your Revenue Engine management model.
The revenue engine is a metaphor, created by DE, Inc., as part of our Business Growth Simplified brand to simplify small business management. It allows you to operationally comprehend the complex dynamics of your business. By understanding your operational causes earlier, you can make the necessary adjustments to your marketing, sales, production, and collections which results in more profit for you.
Begin Fixing Your Profitability Problem
You can use Profitability Coaching to
• Determine what’s happening in your business.
• Evaluate strategies that can fix the problems you have
• Assure accountability for implementing the strategy you select to improve your profitability.
The first step in this process is completing a Revenue Engine Performance Checkup. This is a FREE service which you can by scheduling your FREE Revenue Engine Performance Checkup here on the Coach The World platform. Then using this Profitability Coaching to discuss your issues, select a strategy, and then monitoring your strategy implementation until your profitability explodes.
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