Cancer Support Program

12 Week Cancer Support Program

With our 12 Week Cancer Support Program we are offering help to navigate through any cancer challenge within an new frame of reference, one that allows you to understand and address the root cause rather than just managing symptoms.

Are you going through a cancer challenge?
Not entirely satisfied with the conventional approach?
Searching for an integrative, bio-logical approach?

Providing you with precise and bio-logical answers to your questions! We are not addressing health issues that we need to fight against or get rid of. Our approach is helping you to understand your body’s reaction and to regulate your body-mind-emotion connection to activate your natural gift of self-healing.

Profoundly Simple - Profoundly Effective! We are applying comprehensive strategies for optimum health and assist in understanding phases and cycles of illness and healing as well as integrating natural and bio-logical laws.

Considering your Individual Situation!

  1. We explore the following questions: Why me? Why now? Why this kind of cancer?

  2. We investigate possible root causes: Environmental toxins, Conflict shock, Adrenal exhaustion due to stress.

  3. We assist with regulative strategies: Detox, Nourish, Energise.

  4. We integrate: Immediate environment, body, thoughts, beliefs, emotions.

Includes 12 Consultation/Coaching/Mentoring Sessions plus email support with Rolf and Christa.

Christa Krahnert ND, German Naturopath, Holistic Counsellor

Christa is a german trained Naturopath ND, LifestylePrescription Specialist, Holistic Counsellor and Psycho-Oncologist since 30 years. She is also a professional Trainer for Doctors and Therapists for Psycho-Biology, Pleomorphism, Nutrigenetic and Epigenetic and a passionate Speaker with different health topics worldwide. The book "Process Orientated Cancer Therapy", which she the co-authored, was published in 2001.

Rolf Krahnert, ConsciousLiving Coach and Mentor

Services provided are for and on behalf of ConsciousLiving Foundation.

Our services are to be understood as private information for educational purposes and are not meant to replace the advice of your health care professional. The shared information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Any decision always lies to 100% in the responsibility of the individual seeking help. We are independent and work in the private, therefore we are not registered with any professional bodies or health funds, you are unable to claim any of the service fees to your private health funds or Medicare.

Keywords: cancer support, health, healing, lifestyle
Coaching Topic: LC Illness & prevention
Gender of the Coach: Female

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