Executive Leadership Coaching Leeds

Executive Leadership Coaching

If we want to change the direction of an organisation, we must change the leader.

Let me help you with your leadership issues, and help you to become a strong, self-empowering leader within your organisation and beyond.

I will assist you in getting the true measure of leadership and convert it to influence.


I am a Master Coach. Specialist in Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Relations Coaching and Mentoring. Furthermore, I coach people who are in sales or in the direct sales industry - MLM. Over thirty years of business experience in various business categories. Started several businesses from standstill to seven figures. Graduated in Politics, but prefered business. Politics have helped me to realise things that I would not otherwise do.

Coming from a humble background but with strong values that have proven my determination and strength to carry on in spite of hardship. I am forever grateful for every single experience (Good or bad) in my life, as all of these have contributed to me becoming the person I am now.

Helping others through coaching and mentoring is my passion, this is the reason I am on this earth. This is the air I breathe and all I am thinking of. I had to pay a very high price for what I became, but it was worth it as my story has become a very useful tool in my work.

In addition, I am using tools that all of the coaches have at their disposal and more, tools that are unique to me. These tools are giving me the ability to provide solutions to the key issues that clients come with, as well as the facilities to pass them to the clients so he/she can use them.

My business experience is extensive, starting from hospitality, through construction, financial services, direct sales, online sales and marketing, travel, catering.

Privately, I love reading, writing blogs, helping people, working with a local charity, meeting people.

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Coaching Topic: BC Motivation
Gender of the Coach: Female

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