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As he was born and raised in India, Yogi grew up with the arts of ancient healing and yoga. He graduated in 1969 and went through a yoga ashram in Mumbai for several years after. When he was a young boy at home, he witnessed his uncle's addiction to opium. Yogi never forgot his uncle begging for the drug and crying all the time until his death.

Yogi never had a problem with addiction or alcoholism, but he always felt drawn to helping people suffering from it.

Yogi graduated from a healing arts center in 1993 and has vast experience researching and teaching disease prevention. He has helped patients with anxiety, depression and weight loss needs. His specialty is laughter yoga. Yogi would like to encourage people to live a healthier, happier way of life.

Stress and tension disrupt life and emotions and show up in the form of fatigue, poor health and lack of inner serenity. People use a number of techniques to relax and stay fit.

One of these is an ancient technique called laughter therapy.
The feeling of joy that one experiences while laughing is unique and unparalleled. Laughter is a simple and easy form of stress busting.

Yogi had some friends that were addicted to substances or alcohol. He helped them through this difficult phase of life with laughter yoga, and they found recovery.

He says, "I love humans, and serving humans is serving God". He is dedicated to seeing change in others' lives. He works with several treatment facilities and groups to make the lives of people in recovery a little bit happier and stress free. Yogi believes life should be happiness, not suffering.

He supports all people suffering from any addiction or mental health issues and works with countless people to help them find joy in life again.

Yogi joins CoachTheWorld to help you.


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Coaching Topic: LC Problems & Solutions
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