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Imagine a baby born with a club foot growing up to become an Official Member of Men's Health Fitness Council and a National Fitness Hall of Fame spokesperson that helps distinguished and discerning individuals smash their health and fitness goals.

Well that's me, a once weak, scrawny, last picked and bench riding kid. I sustained three brain injuries, totaled three vehicles and endured four additional fender benders. Despite these obstacles, I became America's 1st and only 20-year Navy veteran with service connected disabilities to make my Historic Collegiate Track debut as a walk-on to the University of Tampa Team at age 45. I went on to win Silver at the USA Track and Field National Championships at age 46 with fractures in my feet, bone spurs in my heels, scarring on both achilles and a traumatized left plantar fascia. I have had additional firsts that are just as noteworthy. I was the 1st fitness instructor in Spain for The Navy SEALs support SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen) program. I was the 1st Instructor for the Navy's remedial Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) to facilitate a 90% success rate for FEP participants; earning me two Navy Marine Corp Achievement Medals from the Secretary of the Navy.

In the civilian sector I was also routinely sought for my professional acumen. I was invited on three consecutive People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs, a Sports Medicine Delegation to China in 2009, a Sports Medicine Delegation to India in 2010 and an Exercise is Medicine Delegation to Russia in 2011. My real-world experience is bolstered by advanced training and formal education. In addition to my AIS, TRX and EXOS certifications, I have a bachelors in Sports and Health Science, a masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a second masters in Entrepreneurship.

My professional accomplishments have earned me recognition from a select group of supporters. I have a congratulatory appreciation letter from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsements from the Department of the Navy and United States Special Operations Command. I know how to match you with the BEST movements and resistance to accelerate the transformation of your body. I have mastered an innovative approach that capitalizes on the attributes and advantages of a highly adaptive yet portable 45-million-dollar training interface.

Allow me to share a few of my global competitor highlights. Before I became a 2002 Light Heavyweight Body Building Champion in Sicily, I was honored in Spain as the 2001 Male Athlete of the Year (AOY) Nominee. Billy Blanks was on hand to present the award at the AOY ceremony. I went on in 2007 to be a top 10 finisher in my Strongman Competition debut. But wait, there More. I have set Gold in the Tokyo Olympics as my grandpa goal!

I think that qualifies me to help you crush your goals. Let me take the guesswork and confusion out of your personal fitness and save you from the hundreds of millions of search results you'll get for exercise plans. I will create, implement and analyze highly customized fitness programs with real-time feedback and corrective coaching. Our programs help you Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Boost Hormones and Break through Plateaus in less time while virtually eliminating exercise-induced injuries.

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