Build Strong Relationship Everywhere - Holistic Expert

Build Strong Relationship Everywhere - Holistic Expert

You will know how to raise your vibration to meet the right people, the right clients. You will understand your intuition, and learn how to trust it.
Your vibration will do all the work for you. All you'll have to do is wait and let your clients, fans, or tribe find you.

Build Strong Relationship Everywhere - Holistic Expert

Have you been unsure about life or your next step in life?

With the right tools and guidance you can see;
-What benefit you and what doesn't
-How to expand
- How to love, accept yourself and others
-How to really grow at your own pace
-How to trust
-How to access parts of your brain that have been hidden from you.

Gain clarity from the turmoil
Rewire your brain for real, for once and for all. Learn how to find peace in a storm and becoming the best version of yourself for you and everyone you serve.

Who is your Coach?

Christine has been a public speaker- performer at the tender age of 8 years old. She started teaching younger children at 12 yo. Her family and her religious background didn't believe in limitations. They pushed her out of her comfort zone because she was very shy and couldn't take her first school test in front of others when she was 2 years old. A close friend of the family (whom she referred to as aunt Maggie) helped her to get in the public eye despite her discomfort and the rest has been history.

Her work and life experience
After working for over a decade, she was faced with her own hardship that made her realized she needed to help others on a greater scale. She has now stepped into coaching, holistic healing such as Reiki and mindset shift (Neuroscience Techniques) to help people break their cycles of shame, guilt, uncertainty and blockages.

She has also worked as a Registered Nurse Specialist in the Neuro ICU, Prison, Jail, the School System and as a Pharm Rep. She's been helping change systems with her speak your mind, no bullying or intimidation method wherever she goes. Now, she's using all her life and work experiences to change people's lives on coach the world.

Build Strong Relationship Everywhere - Holistic Expert

Keywords: sales, customers, clients, good reviews, start ups
Coaching Topic: BC Sales & negotiation
Gender of the Coach: Female

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Christine Dorcelus

4 years ago

What does it take to gain and retain customers? How long does it take to build true relationship with people?

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