Leadership of Mixed Gender Workforce

Are you leading a mixed gender workforce and finding issues arising through lack of clear communication and that block progress towards sustainable results?

The mayhem of differences between men and women is more apparent today then ever before with #metoo and sexual harassment cases leading the news. FEAR can too easily set in for senior men especially as to how to handle women and the men engaged with women at senior levels.

Looking for a solution? Look no further. Now you can embed a navigation tool, The Gender Dynamics Map, that clarifies both your role and that of others - men and women alike.

Leadership today is shifting focus to a more COLLABORATIVE and inclusive style, and embracing every aspect of diversity. Mixed gender work-forces, generational impact, sexual variations and cultural influences all add together to create challenges to leaders, male and female alike. For the wise leader of today, the wisdom of gender dynamics is a necessary start point. YOU need results and you need them now.

Pauline has advised senior male management in the UK, US and Asia Pacific Regions, and worked extensively with high achieving professional women. Her experience has encompassed the nature of change, and her expert business psychology expertise is combined with culture change and the study of human interaction to enable her to mentor and coach senior leaders about today's leadership pressures.

Her sessions build immediate results using a technique built on The Gender Dynamics Map as a navigation tool. This session delivers hands on common-sense solutions. We recommend you book 2-3 hours for your first session.





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Listing created Jul 4, 2018

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