Ayurveda Wellness from Influencer Swami

Session 1. Discover your dosha (constitution) and what herbs are best for your wellness according to Ayurveda

Session 2: Discover the best foods that will bring balance, wellness and harmony for your mind/body/spirit

Session 3: Discover the best lifestyle choices to bring emotional/mental balance to your life (aromas, colors, gems, exercise, yoga)

Session 4: Find the best spiritual practices to help you find and achieve your life purpose

Bio Blurb

Swami Tirtha, the Orange Cowboy, is the host of the TV show, “Talking with Our Angels” and the co-owner of two TV networks, Guiding Star Veterans TV & Children Success TV.

He is a #1 bestselling author of the Ayurveda Encyclopedia (30,000 copies sold). Speaking clients include the White House alternative medicine commission and Johns Hopkins U. Swami has more than 46 years teaching wellness & consciousness.

At the age of 10 he began having spiritual experiences that altered his life in divine ways. Swami survived a devastating tragedy at the age of 17 by seeking spiritual pathways and becoming a monk, which led him to discover his mission of spreading the light of joy that will help the masses and help bring world peace.

Swami is a born shaman, healer, & channel, and is a pioneer in Ayurveda, founding a certification school. Today he integrates all areas of his training, blending them into TV & Film projects to help spread his message of joy, wellness, wealth, and peace for all humanity.

He is targeting his first movie — a comedy about Earth Angels and learning to listen to our heart and seeing the miracles that are all around us — to have global influence.

Each session is 30 minutes. You receive printouts after each session


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Coaching Topic: LC illness & prevention
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