Individual Executive Coaching Program

This highly personalized one-on-one process begins by identifying your best practices and challenges. We’ll use a process of discovery, goal setting, and strategic actions. The model I use for success is a method wherein I assist with uncovering your mental models. Mental models are beliefs that you have acquired through life experiences and are often unconscious. Never the less, these mental models will run your life both personally and professionally and will either support you or become an obstacle for success. Through our coaching engagement, you'll begin to identify them and explore how they affect you, and most importantly, how to re frame negative mental models into constructive ones.

We’ll begin by doing an assessment, as well as where you stand in terms of what you want to accomplish personally and professionally. Through the process you’ll develop an awareness of the skills and behaviors required for high performance, and focus on overcoming hurdles to enable better performance. We’ll identify your goals and then together create a step-by-step plan to get the results you want to achieve.

Additional Benefits include:

-Face-to-face online feedback to generate honest, supportive and challenging dialogue

-Strengthening effective communications

-Identifying your strengths and areas for development through diagnostic assessment

-Enabling breakthroughs in individual and group performance

-Mapping key relationships for goal achievement

-Increasing productivity, morale, and satisfaction

-Improve the bottom-line through increased results

-Develop goals and tactics to achieve strategies and ensure strategic alignment

Clients that benefit from the Individual Executive Coaching Program include: C-Suite, senior level executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners with a focus on raising self-awareness, improving and identifying core competencies, values and motivation.


12-1 Hour Online Sessions and Session Materials

Harrison Predicative Assessment and Debrief. This will allow us to assess your present and future performance tendencies and will be used as the framework for us to build upon.

Coaching Topic: BC Individual & team
Gender of the Coach: Female

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