Resolving Conflicts and Upsets

I love having things simple in my life and I wrote a workbook offering a profoundly simple, yet profoundly effective 6 Step Program to Resolve Conflicts and Upsets and to Reclaim Your Energy.

You are the author of your experiences and your experiences are the result of your choices. The choices you make are based on your beliefs and the self image you made. This has been established by Neuro-Science.

Whenever you feel upset, anxious, betrayed, angry, stressed, depressed, nervous ...

... know that your emotions manifest as spheres of trapped energy in your physical, mental and emotional body! It can even be seen on CT and body scans and your trapped energies are your teachers!

To reclaim your energy you must become aware of the beliefs and emotions that seem to run your life, and then question their validity. When you start to see that your beliefs about yourself are not the absolute truth, you begin to experience increasing joy, a sense of freedom and health.

‘I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.’  Herein lies true peace. I am free. ACiM

Coaching Topic: BC self-determined change
Gender of the Coach: male
Listing created Apr 6, 2018

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