Lean UX Strategy

You're a Start-up or at least have an idea for a startup,

You're promoting and creating content on Social Media to create brand awareness, you want to be seen, you want to aquire customers and tons of them!

Easier said than done! I know it's tough being a Start-up, especially if you are just starting with an idea and no where to go.

Most of what you're looking for is out of your budget and the budget is low because you still work a 9-5 or you're laid off with a ton of savings and going all in on this idea. I get it! you're invested.

Obviously you want to scale and grow but you need to raise capital because bootstrapping will only get you so far.

Working with Designers may seem like a scary thing, but you have 2 types of Designers. Designers that push pixels around all day, and Designers who know strategy!

I've spent a fair deal of time pushing pixels around early on in my career. I've seen how those type of Design engagements ended in clients not being fully satisfied with their product because of 1 missing ingredient.

That missing ingredient is Strategy!

But not just any Strategy a Super-Lean/Agile User Centered Strategy!

I know it sounds really geeky, but I geek-out when it comes to innovation processes.

I want to coach you through some Design Thinking exercises that will help you to gain clarity on the "Who" in your startup business. Gain a better understanding of the "Who" in order to create a hyper-focused value and a unique experience that only your product/service can deliver.

Book now to speak with me and I will deliver a solid-roadmap that will make you feel confident and empowered to pitch your idea to investors.

Coaching Topic: BC IT-software
Gender of the Coach: Male

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