Financial Coaching: Win U.S. Government Contracts

SBUs3, LLC has over 60-years of Government Financial Management Experience & understands the Federal Government Acquisitions & Contracting process. The Good News is that the U.S. government designates a percent of all contracts for small businesses and other special categories. SBUs3, LLC can to help you decide if you want to grow your business by seeking and capturing federal government contracts. If you decide yes, we can take the journey with you. The journey requires a solid understanding of not just the concepts but how to make the concepts work for you. Small businesses must select NAICS codes that best describe the business and then determine if the business meet size standards for the selected NAICS codes. Use the URL below and listen to the videos and then contact us if you decide to press pause. On Feb 13, 2018, the government awarded many contracts such as (1) $25,776 for Extension Ladder (2) $1.1 million for mowing & maintenance services. (3) $68,400 to repair stucco exterior (4) $24,674.50 for a net backup standard client server (5) $7.5 million for helicopter services. (6) $76,000 to maintain prescription system (7) $1.5 million Non-Micronized Pentaerythritol; (8) $60,773 for 80-hrs of training new leaders (9)... Talk with us. SBUs3, LLC understands the process and encourages you to use the URL to view a collection of to the point videos that were intended to get you up to speed quickly, but don't get discouraged by the terms and concepts. SBUs3, LLC can help you with everything from A to Z.


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