Relationship Repair with Spouse/Partner

Over time our relationship encounters challenges.

Some of these challenges come from today's difficulties. It can come in the form of finances, different ways of raising children, communication mismatches, workload imbalance, and much more. Where once you acted as a team, now you feel unsupported and alone.

Some of these challenges come from the beliefs and patterns we bring from our past. We get triggered and bring the hurt from the past into the present escalating emotion in a situation or argument.

In this coaching, we'll identify where your relationship is stuck and be given practices to help heal.

Relationships are our greatest teachers. Through these challenges, you can learn about yourself, your partner, and the unique partnership you have together. There's great news too. As we learn what the lesson is here to teach us, we grow as individuals and as a couple to bring you greater peace and happiness.

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