FIREMAN DOWN my new book and its impact on racial equality

My new book, FIREMAN DOWN: The story of African American Firefighter, Arthur Reese, confronts racism head on. The lessons it teaches are so valuable for today's American society. Young or old, we can work together to end racism in America once and for all, Arthur Reese was a courageous firefighter who was tormented and humiliated just because he was black. His proud actions changed an entire community. The lesson he teaches will change the way we look at each other. The story will touch your heart and soul.

Keywords: Racism, Black Lives Matter, American pride, A New Declaration
Coaching Topic: LC Harmony & Collaboration
Gender of the Coach: Male

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Leon Shargel

6 months ago

My new book, FIREMAN DOWN: The story of African American firefighter, Arthur Reese is a compelling story based on true events that occurred in 1984 in Charlotte, N.C. when the government mandated that all city, county and state services were to be desegregated. This caused a great deal of turmoil among many white racists especially in the fire department. Arthur Reese volunteered to be the first African American firefighter to integrate a fire station that was a den of racists. The men at University station, led by a captain who was a devout racist, were determined to do whatever they could to undermine integration and affirmative action. They tormented Arthur Reese every single day. No matter what they did to humiliate him, he never waivered. Soon, some of his persecutors began to admire him. He was one of the best firefighters they had ever seen. Soon they began to defend him and as a result, they felt the sting of racist persecution. This is the story of a man who was the most honorable and courageous person I have ever known. His example is a lesson for us all. This story will touch your heart and soul.

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