Spiritual Coaching Package

Your Spiritual Coaching package includes four sessions, which are to be completed over a period of six weeks.

What Is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual Coaching is based on the premise that people have the answers within them. It's especially useful when you're feeling alone on your journey, or you find yourself wondering if you have fully embraced your life path and developed your gifts. The process is non-denominational.

What is the Purpose of Spiritual Coaching?

The purpose of Spiritual Coaching is to help you to find your own path and direction, and to connect with answers to both your spiritual and practical questions.

Spiritual Coaching also guides you in exploring or even deepening your own personal spirituality and spiritual practices, and supports you in integrating your spirituality more fully into your everyday life. It's a form of self-care, helping you to keep your promises to yourself and to be authentic in a way that not only serves you best, but does so for your higher purpose.

I am trained as a Life Coach as well, but I have found that with Spiritual Coaching, clients achieve impactful, lasting results in a shorter period of time than they might through more traditional Life Coaching. Spiritual Coaching works on both a personal and soul or spiritual level to create palpable, significant shifts during each session, and typically requires less sessions than more traditional Life Coaching.

Previous clients have used Spiritual Coaching to navigate job changes, relationship changes (including divorce), finding their voice as writers, reclaiming control of their finances, and reigniting their passions.

H2What Happens During a Session?

This process is non-denominational. Your sessions are based on your personal spiritual values and beliefs.

Prior to some of your sessions, you will be asked to complete and submit some worksheets to ensure that your time is well spent and that your session needs and expectations are met. Sessions will include spiritual exercises, guidance, and exploration to bring you into alignment you with your authentic life path.

A typical Spiritual Coaching session begins with a non-denominational short meditation, and then focuses on an issue of your choosing. The session may include spiritual coaching exercises and creative visualizations to provide insight, tools and healing to support you in meeting your needs and goals.

Keywords: Higher Self, Life Journey, Spiritual Guidance
Coaching Topic: LC Loneliness
Gender of the Coach: Female

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