Trust your Instincts: Step in into International Expansion

Get started with the ABC of your Business Expansion Internationally with this Coaching Package.

Are you a Corporate CEO?
Are you an Established Entrepreneur?
Are you an existing Business Owner?

You have always thought that your products and services can add value to people and business in other Geographies, but You never had the time to take action, or You did not know how to do it, really.

In this session, Angel will describe to you a 5 steps proven process that will allow you to Decide if Going International is the right thing to do for you and for your Business today.

Moreover, You will leave the session with a very clear idea of how a Structured Plan for International Expansion and Exposure works, making sure that it is not compromising Your Finances a bit.

67% of International Expansion Plans fail due to the lack of Financial Planning, keep this in mind.

The second reason why International Plans fail is that they do not count on Trustworthy Local Business Partners, and Angel and his team have this covered.

After this session, you will have an idea of what Expanding International Entails to you and to your Business.

Angel RIBO, known as The CEO Confidant, is a CEO Consultant, Global Influencer, International TV Host, Public Speaker, Board Member, and Philanthropist.

Established Entrepreneurs and Corporate CEOs hire Angel to bridge the Gap Globally for Expansion and Exposure because they have limited themselves to their immediate market, their own backyard, so Angel helps them understand, discover and design a plan to go into International markets. There is a Science and a Secret to taking things Global, and That is his Mastery.

In the last 25 years, Angel has helped more than 1,500 CEOs in 33 different countries. He was born near Barcelona, and he has lived in 8 countries and speaks 5 languages.

Angel sits in the Board of the Evolutionary Business Council, an organization with more than 300 Global Transformational Leaders with a combined reach of well over 375 Million people.

Angel is now based in Texas, and early in 2017, he launched his International Foundation, Wisdom for Kids, and he has helped more than 1000 Underprivileged Kids in Latin America become Entrepreneurs using their Local Resources.

This is a 30 minutes Consultation, approximately.

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Coaching Topic: BC Sales & negotiation
Gender of the Coach: Male

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