Discover the Key to Unlocking Your Relationships Full Potential

Discover the Key to Unlocking Your Relationships Full Potential

Did you know…….
that nine out of ten relationships fail? And that most couples claim that communication issues are the problem?

And did you know………
that communication wasn’t the actual root cause of their problems, but rather unresolved past trauma?

And did you also know……
that if these couples had been made aware of the actual reason for their communication issues, most of those relationships could have been healed and transformed?

During the course of 5 weekly sessions you will discover the root causes of your recurring intense arguments, the concept of why our partner seems to constantly push our buttons and how to resolve it. We will dive deep into the concept of triggers and how to spot and release them.

Both you and your partner will receive weekly challenges that will help both of you transform your relationship with each other.

At the end of our time together, you will feel happier, free from intense recurring arguments and rooted in your relationship. You will feel at home. You will be partners in every sense of the word. You will be each others rock. You will know that you can rely on each other no matter what. And you will have the tools to support one another in times of emotional crisis without getting affected by it yourself.

What I look for in a client is a client who is coachable, committed and ready to do the groundwork to transforming their relationship. If this resonates with you and sounds like someone you are committed to being during this coaching process to get the results you are looking for then I would love to talk to you and your partner.

Keywords: relationships, trauma healing, trigger release, communication, empowerment, transformation, love, compassion, understanding, marriage, engagement, freedom
Coaching Topic: LC Harmony & Collaboration
Gender of the Coach: Female

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