Improved health for active smokers.

The concept of a knowledge center for smoking damage reduction is running through my head for the past 7 years.

It started up as a 3/4 days intensive workshop and developed into a WW online support center.

Slowly the birth of the idea was starting to emerge, for the past year’s I am focusing on 2 questions:

Can Active smokers improve their health?
Can they step out of the risk zone?
Let define our KPI’s
We need measurable KPI’s to guide us throw our long journey.

We need those KPI’s to show that Herbal Breath is your ticket out from the mess you are in, to better health and therefore a better future.

Our focused KPIs are indicators that every smoker should now.

A simple lab (blood and urine) test, for us smokers it is recommended twice a tear.

What is the Risk Zone? The fact that you are a smoker +one of these indicators above the max level.

So how?

Well, it’s a journey, not a destination.

I have prepared a 5 steps plan- from six feet under to ground level in 5 steps. Please review and let me know your thoughts.

5 steps plan
The first step is awareness. Take your head out of the sand and acknowledge the fact that at list for today, you are a smoker, and at the list for today, you have to allow your body as much resource possible to reduce the damage you deliver us.

Commit to yourself as long as you smoke, you must balance your health by getting new healthy habits.

There are many aspects of our daily life that can contribute to our body’s ability to reduce damage.

Take for instance our liver. Our body main “filter” if the filter if half functioning cause he is full dealing with “fats” than he is less likely to get even close for handling our smoking negative implications.

Same for our adrenal glance and it’s all leading to our immune system.

And yes, immune system healthy live, optimal adrenal functions is some of our best guardian against you KNOW what… Let’s support our body in “his” battle against our smoking damage.

Be aware and acknowledge as long as I smoke there is a “price” to pay, there are steps out of the comfort zone to do, and smoking is a need not a joy.

Join us in the journey to better health, to a better future for our families and selves.

Remember our health is more than just “our” health keep in mind the impact of YOUR health on your loved ones, how will provide and support them?

How will they provide themself while taking care of you??

A little bit about me:
Hi, I am Eli Hazan and I am the founder of Herbal Breath.

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Coaching Topic: LC Addiction
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