Sofie Nubani

Sofie Nubani, D.D. is a Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, Certified NLP Coach and Master Practitioner, Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Motivational Coach, Certified Reiki III Teacher and Certified EFT/TFT Practitioner. She is also an ordained minister and has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.

Her unique coaching style helps people release emotional pain and reach a higher mental state. She is also the author of the forthcoming book, Emotional Healing That Lasts.

In her spare time, Sofie enjoys spending time at the beach and riding jet skis.

Edad: 45
Anni di esperienza: 5-10
KEYWORDS: nlp, spirituality, eft, tft, meditation, emotional intelligence, reiki, healing, coaching, life coaching, speaking, tapping, laughter therapy, wisdom, laughter, mindset, psychology, relationships

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