Shari Alyse

I am the Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, an online community and platform of wellness providers.

In addition to building and running,, I am a Truth & Joy Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. I am passionate about sharing my messages of self-empowerment, self-acceptance, and joy. Motivated by my own journey through healing from childhood trauma, I devote my time creating daily inspirational videos which I share across my 'Sharing with Shari' brand on my youtube, FB page, website and other social media channels. It is my mission to help be the spark to reignite the light within everyone. I believes that we all have unique gifts to offer the world and once we learn to embrace, celebrate, and share these gifts, we truly can light up the world.

As your personal mentor & Truth Coach:
-I will help you uncover and discover the Truth of who you are. The you without walls and limiting beliefs.
-I will help you uncover what holds you back and help you release what keeps you from expanding into your greatest you.
-I will help you uncover a life with passion, creating a life with purpose that has you starting and ending your day with a smile.
-I will help you walk into this world more boldly, standing taller and shining brighter as you have discovered your YOU.
-I will help you uncover and discover your true joy.

Our sessions will take you from feeling disconnected, and with no sense of real direction to living each and every moment of your life with joy, passion, and love!

If you’re ready to discover, embrace and love your YOU, set up a session with me and let’s create your road map back to beautiful, YOU.

I can’t wait for you to SEE you.

Anni di esperienza: 5-10
KEYWORDS: coaching, motivation, inspiration, leadership, personal development, joy, happiness coach

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