Laasya Coaching and Consulting

Laasya Coaching and Consulting

Mr. Pranith Sarma is an experienced HR Professional with deep interest and specialization into L & D. He is a MBA Graduate and a Psychology Diploma Holder.

He is an certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner accredited by CTAA.

After 5 years of corporate experience, he is now successful entrepreneur with 2 Companies and also the Director of Operations in a Tech. LLC Company. He is now committed in teaching and guiding budding entrepreneurs in developing successful businesses and coaching a wide strata of Employees to excel in careers through NLP, CBT, Transactional Analysis based Coaching Models.

He also had the honor of being a Keynote Speaker and Skills trainer catering to many institutes, Colleges and Universities.

Edad: 28
Anni di esperienza: 1-5
KEYWORDS: NLP Master Practitioner, CBT Life Coach, Career Coach

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Laasya Coaching and Consulting