Paul Averill

Paul  Averill

Hailing from the UK, and now residing in Adelaide Australia, I've been involved in health and leadership roles for well over 10 years. I work one on one with clients to build self worth, resilience, self esteem and taking action.

Having been through a bunch of adversity myself including surviving a major earthquake, surviving a major break up and relocating countries - the art of rebuilding is not unfamiliar to me (both physically and mentally).

I'm the producer and host of "The ManBits Podcast" a globally recognised show - Straight Up Chat About Men's Health, I interview on the topics that people don't like to talk about, but love to hear about. Our mission is to reduce suicide globally.

For s**ts n giggles I'm a property investor, rock climber, and latin dance teacher.

As a coach and entrepreneur I help my clients with thought and behavioural change through cognitive behaviour techniques.

Areas of expertise are: Understanding thinking patterns, owning self worth, connection with loved ones, goal setting, taking action, property investment, budgeting etc.

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Paul  Averill