Jared Laurence

Jared Laurence

Jared "Psych" Laurence is an international motivational speaker, CEO of Modern Flirting, Author of “How To Meet Your Dream Girl Tonight” and “The Psychology Of Modern Flirting”, trained therapist, as well as a globally recognized Lifestyle Consultant and Dating Mentor.

For nearly 15 years, Jared has been voted the best new dating mentor, received numerous awards from leaders in his industry, taught over 1,000 students around the world, and is credited with preventing 17 suicides and creating over 50 marriages.

Using classically trained counseling and cutting-edge techniques, he has helped all types of clients. This includes multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, programmers, marketing gurus, but also struggling college students.

No stranger to helping those in distress, after volunteering at a suicide and crisis hotline center, he found his calling in coaching and mentorship.

He’s been featured in seminars and popular media including:

MTV's "Made"
Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club”
A&E Documentary “Born This Way"
“The Great Love Debate”
“The 21 Convention Men’s Conference”
“Social Hacker Summit”
“World Dating Coach Summit”

ABC’s “Nightline”
And repeated guest on the radio show “Waking up in Vegas.”

Instagram: @jared_psych_laurence
Edad: 34
Anni di esperienza: 10-20

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Jared Laurence