Marine Life Coach

Marine Life Coach

My name is Marine.

I am a french woman & a nomad coach living on a school bus in the USA. I am a habits & motivation coach to improve productivity and life balance. I am supporting overwhelmed & busy people to develop a healthy routine customized to their goals.

I am Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming trained by Helene Groc from the society of NLP, USA. I also did a Yoga Teacher Training (200h+) and an ayurvedic massage.

I love traveling the world and I recently decided to live on a school bus with my partner in the US. I practice yoga, meditation, and drink my tea every morning. My routine brings me clarity and security, it is much more needed when you live in a skoolie! I manage my life using a holistic approach working on my mind, body & spirit and I want to share my experience and learning with you.

I will be here to guide you through your journey of self-consciousness and body awareness. I will support you to set up a healthy routine according to your goals & your dreams.

Edad: 26
Anni di esperienza: 1-5
KEYWORDS: Habit, Motivation, Coach, Productivity, Confidence, Discipline.

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Marine Life Coach