Christine Dorcelus

"From Neuroscience Nurse TO Magnet for Truth Seekers

I have the answers to my perfect life and so can you. With the right tools and guidance you can see;
-What benefit you and what doesn't
-How to expand
- How to love, accept yourself and others for growth
-How to access parts of your brain that have been hidden from you.

Your fulfillment and everlasting peace matters. Book a session with me and see how you can move up in life from the turmoil to clarity...

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Anni di esperienza: 10-20
KEYWORDS: Lifestyle coach, Coach, business, new entrepreneur, living, free, live, happy, start, over, family, money, retirement, young, fear, enough, able, good, bad, job, career, quit, leave, how, passion, reason, provider, purpose, anxiety, work.

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Talking to Christine was so helpful. She was able to give me clarity and practical advice that I could use right away. I would love to work with her again.

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