Murfield Intl Coaching

Murfield Intl Coaching

I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to think bigger and reach higher, leveraging their power to maximize their performance, production and profits in their organization. My goal is to help each client do what they never thought possible. In order to do that, I work with them to create a cutting edge culture in their mind and in the world around them.

Disruptive change is the story of my life. I worked factory and warehouse jobs until I was about to turn 31. I disrupted my life and went back to college to earn my Bachelor's, Masters and Ph.D. in Communication Studies. I went on to teach college full time for the next 8 years. Over that time, I taught 23 undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication, Business, and Leadership. Having written and taught several college courses, I knew I had the knowledge that many outside of academia needed for their breakthroughs.

So I disrupted my life again by leaving academia to become a small business and executive coach. I utilize the breadth and depth of my academic knowledge and combine it with the practical application I found in manual labor as well as the cutting edge and best practices of business. This allows me to offer a different perspective that leads to innovative breakthroughs for my clients. In the process, I started writing and speaking to share my knowledge. To date, I've written 12 books and expect to release 4 more by the spring of 2019. I have also blogged weekly for several years.

What you may not know is that my wife got us into running 7 years ago. We started with 5Ks and then progressed to 10K, 15K and Half Marathons. In January of 2018, we ran our first marathon. We don't enjoy running but love that it pushes us to do what we wouldn't do otherwise.

With all that knowledge and different perspectives, what breakthrough could you imagine?

Here is a bit of what I have done and continue to do.

  • Executive Coach (2003 to present) working with executives, managers, aspiring leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs.
  • Author of 12 books including "The Black Book of Making More Money in Tough Times" (2009/2018) "Now What?: Sensing and Seizing Opportunities When You Need Them Most" (2010/2018),"Making More Money in 2012", "The ROI of Compassion" (2010/2018), and "From Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business." (2007/2018). 4 more are due out by March 2019. "Leading with the Power of Compassion", "Leading Disruption from the Inside-Out", "The Prize Inside: A Parable" and "The Legacy of Family Values" (An analysis of 25 years of political communication). *Mastermind Facilitator 2014-Present.
  • Ghostwriter and Book Writing Coach, specializing in writing Legacy Books. Coauthored "10 Minutes of Insanity" with 1972 Heisman Winner Johnny Rodgers (2016) and authored "Humble Homesteaders: A South Dakota Legacy of Integrity (2010). Weekly blogger since 2012.
  • Informational and Inspirational Speaker
  • Visionary Facilitator as Founder and President: Murfield International since 2003.
  • Former Dean of the Speakers Academy: National Speakers Association - Central Florida chapter. 2010-1011
  • Adjunct Faculty: Roger Williams University, Graduate Leadership Program. 2010-2012
  • College Professor (Full time and adjunct) since 1988 teaching Undergraduate and MBA courses in Leadership, Self-Leadership, Negotiation Strategies, Conflict Management, Managerial Communication, Innovative Organizational Presentations, Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Interviewing, Debate, Small Group Problem Solving, Interpersonal Communication, Communication Theory, Media and Politics, Public Relations, Organizational Communication and Persuasion
Twitter: @TheOpProf
Edad: Old enough to be wise, Young enough to still strive to do what others think is impossible.
Anni di esperienza: 20+
KEYWORDS: Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development, Disruptive Leader, Book Writing Coach,

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