Choosing the Right Recruitment Tool Sarasota

Have you struggled with deciding where is the best place to post my job opening to get the best return on investment? Or you’ve used multiple sites and you’ve spent a lot of money in the past with little to no return? Or you’re getting ready to evaluate the major players in the recruitment industry and you just need to get some knowledge on what the advantages are with each site?

I’ve had over 10 years of experience working with recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and VP’s of HR from companies of all sizes. Use the knowledge I’ve gained along the way and what I’ve seen from my clients to help your organization be effective the next time you’re deciding where to post your job.

I will not be giving you advice or telling you where to post your job. I will only give you an objective review of the value that different sites bring and what to consider.

If you have a current job you need to post or maybe you’ve already posted it and need to go to another source, we’ll analyze it and discuss some possible strategies to consider before making your next purchase.

It can be really daunting to decide where to post your job when there are more online job sites than there has ever been before. You don’t have time to evaluate them all and you also don’t want to be taken advantage of when you make your next purchase.

This course is for hiring managers posting their first job all the way to experienced Talent Acquisition professionals and everything in between. All recruitment strategies are different but I can share some insights when selecting your next recruitment partner.

In this course you’ll learn a few things:

What places are best to consider for your specific job
The value of certain job sites and what to consider when purchasing a package
Talent Acquisition strategies and what strategies you need beyond the job ad.
What questions should you be asking salespeople to ensure you’re getting the best solution
To name a few!

Let’s start today and help you select the best technology to help you make a hire!

Keywords: Talent Acquisition, HR Technology, Sourcing, Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing, HR Software, Recruitment Resources, Recruitment Strategy
Coaching Topic: BC recruitment
Gender of the Coach: Male

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