You have been happy or unhappy way too long...What's next?

You have been happy or unhappy way too long...What's next?

Find true happiness, that everlasting source of happiness within that comes with peace and balance.

No more roller coaster after the other. You are tired of this. I'm tired for you too. Let's fix this together; I'm with you, you are ready for a change and you mean it!

My Plan For You

Give me 2 weeks for your new life.

2 months for others to not recognize you

3 months for you to start changing other people's lives and not needing me.

Your package is completed and you'll get your once in a lifetime gift from me.

You come to me for help, I believe in your abilities to succeed.

I’m a retired registered nurse who worked for the biggest names in the industry. Most of my jobs where fun; from travel nursing to pharmaceutical rep. With my neuroscience background, I met a lot of cool people and made friends easily. However, I had no freedom to be me working for someone else. People didn’t get me, I was miserable. I finally left to go play with my friends not knowing where the money was coming from. I didn’t care, I just wanted to out of there. Here I am standing still. I didn’t die, neither will you.

I"m the founder of Twonpet; a company that put people and their passion first. "We change the world by being happy".

Have you been unhappy for a longtime, no matter what you do? Why are you on that roller coaster? How do you fix this now? Let's figure out what can make you happy today.

(Speak Creole, English, French, Haitian)

Keywords: passion, purpose, reason, life, happiness, source, energy, travel, world, friends, family, inspiration, work, reason, relationship
Coaching Topic: LC Health & Wellness
Gender of the Coach: Female

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