SELF-LOVE IS THE KEY: Life Coaching Training

Self-Love is the first step to realizing your true power in achieving the love, the prosperity and the relationships you’ve been longing for.

Join me on this fabulous Journey!

You’ll discover how to:

• truly love yourself, releasing judgment and self-criticism
• listen to and follow your inner-wisdom
• realize the special gifts you are here to share with the world
• attract more prosperity in your life
• develop more loving and compassionate relationships
• recognize and attract more prosperity in your life.

It is time to experience all the benefits of self-love. I will use some of Louise Hay’s techniques to create new thought patterns, a rich and rewarding life and other visualization exercises to release negative feelings and maximize your true inner potential.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! If you aren’t feeling, doing or achieving what you want in your life.

The training is the gateway to your desires. The first step is learning really to love you.

Get high on life!

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Hi there! I am pleased to introduce myself. I'm Italian, I was born and grew up in a small seaside town in Sicily, a wonderful Island in the south of the Mediterranean.
After doing a Law degree in Pisa (Tuscany) and having completed a Master's degree in Corporate Governance and Human Resources in Stresa, I then lived in Milan and later in Rome where I worked in the Corporate world for 15 years, first in Management Consulting and then as a Lawyer.
When I was at the peak of my career I experienced my Turning Point because I needed to re-connect with my inner-self and re-focus on my true purpose and passion with a new life-changing experience. I gave up everything to follow my passion in Self-Development and Coaching career and for 3 years now I have been living in Australia (Melbourne-Sydney), where I decided to move with my family transforming my passion into a business which supports others to express themselves clearly, to reach their performance goals and to excel at their ventures.
In 2016 I founded Life Studio Consulting based on Personal and Professional Development Coaching and on Heal Your Life Transformational Training by Louise Hay method.
In 2012 I attended Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life” Training in Italy and I became a licensed leader teacher of this method. It was for me a remarkable transformational self-discovery that gave me a new perspective and approach to life. I learned how people can use the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.
I’m extremely supportive as clients working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and then together they create a plan for action. My purpose is to help people overcome resistance to change by using a step-by-step, structured approach.
I use my passion and knowledge about self-development and mindset behaviours to connect with and help people rediscover the power and beauty within themselves that sometimes gets lost when working through CHALLENGING life events or living an important TURNING POINT in life.

Keywords: Self Love, prosperity, true power, heal your life, abundance
Coaching Topic: BC Self-motivation
Gender of the Coach: Female

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