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General Business Consultation

Starting a business is exciting and scary at the same time. What steps are needed? What are the right questions? Who do you trust? As the founder of TheWellnessUniverse, and previously a jewelry collection, t-shirt line and head of a 15M division for a pet products company, my experience is diversified and well-rounded.

This call is to help you in your solopreneur adventure or small business adventure. From marketing to branding to finding the funds to grow your business, I can advise on just about anything.

"What can I say about Anna Pereira? Does LinkedIn even give that much room for a recommendation? I met Anna a little over a year ago, and I was impressed from day one. Anna's vivacious personality and love for wellness shines through in everything she does! The Wellness Universe has become one of the leading authorities in all things wellness and spiritual healing; Anna's commitment to her members is one of the many reasons why. Anna has always encouraged me to stretch myself and I am honored to call her a friend, mentor, and colleague." A Warren

"I came to know Anna, one of the founders of The Wellness Universe, when I joined the amazing group of people comprising the membership. Anna is selfless (she loves to share ideas, tips, and her appreciation of others). She is well-organized and efficient (two traits that enable her to stay on top of the day-to-day activities of The WU) and she is hands-on in the best of possible ways! When you interact with Anna you feel as though you are definitely a VIP. Anna is a true lightworker, she finds and nurtures the best traits in everyone she meets. She is a strong, compassionate leader and a fabulous mentor who finds time to give you exactly the support and guidance you need while encouraging you to spread your wings and accomplish more than you can imagine for yourself. With Anna's guidance, I have comfortably stretched beyond my comfort zone to achieve more." D Achatz

"I have had the honor and blessing of knowing Anna for a number of years now through her visionary work with The Wellness Universe. Anna's beautiful, motivational and inspirational energy shines through every interaction I have had with her. She is a powerful and positive force in showing the potential and vitality for all flavors of healers and seekers." M Hutchison

"I have had the pleasure of connecting and working with Anna Pereira, CEO of Soul Ventures and the Wellness Universe. Anna is a visionary of what is possible in the wellness through community. As a member of the Wellness Universe, Anna has provided a vast abundance of knowledge, character, wisdom, and authenticity. I have enjoyed getting to know her more through her commitment and dedication to bring the Wellness Universe into world." Dr. D Fazzino

"Annas leadership and drive are phenomenal! I have continually found support and inspiration through my interactions with her through the wellness universe!" D Scherini

"When I set out to grow my network of fabulous, like-minded entrepreneurs, I was so fortunate to be introduced to the amazing Anna Pereira! Anna was so generous in her support of my mission and offering her knowledge and advice, in addition to welcoming me into her Wellness Universe. Much more than a network, she has created an extended online family! The more time I get to spend with Anna, the more impressed I am by her ability to connect the right people and offer the perfect support at the perfect time! Thanks so much for being a part of my entrepreneurial journey - it has been all the more fabulous having you along for the ride!!" L Dadd

"When I found Anna at The Wellness Universe, I was looking for places to write and share my healing messages. What I didn't expect to find was a space that would not only share my writing but support my goals, desires, dreams, and needs as a wellness entrepreneur. Anna gets me, and healers in general, and is constantly providing training, experiences, and opportunities for me to thrive, grow and evolve. She and The Wellness Universe are the real deal; a high-class organization out to change the world. I'm incredibly glad I found her!" L DiFranco

"I have been honored to be a member of the Wellness Universe for over a year. Recently I've had the chance to work closely with Anna on a promotional campaign. Anna is nothing but amazing. Her support has been incredible through the entire process. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, energetically warm and caring. Anna has spent countless hours on my project alone helping me with marketing and technology . She is committed to the success of others. I love the Wellness Universe and the community she has created. I highly recommend working with Anna and joining the Wellness Universe!" L Meisels

General Business Consultation

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