Reclaim Your Kingdom - Men's Empowerment

These session are just for men!

Stef is a relational alchemist, international speaker, author and change-maker dedicated to helping you create a life of meaning and purpose.

Through a series of simple and often life-changing practices, Stef helps you cultivate a deeper connection with your authentic Self. In turn, you may develop the power to dramatically transform your relationships and your whole life.

Stef has traversed the depths of pain, addressed his own fears profoundly, has overcome destructive patterns and has faced multiple ‘ego deaths’.

By restructuring and reframing his own masculinity and movement through the world as a man relating to himself, women and his purpose, Stef has discovered and created methodologies for navigating the often difficult path of manhood.

Stef believes that we all deserve meaningful, harmonious and authentic relationships. When we are disconnected from Self we create pain and lose hope.

It is Stef’s mission to help you reconnect with your truth, and empower you to create the abundant life that you deserve.

This is for men like you who desire to evolve into your fullest expression, not just for yourself but also for your women, your children, your Earth, your present and your future.

These sessions are about bringing back collective and individual healthy values of our ancestors and learning to assimilate them in today’s modern world.

As modern men, we have lost touch and connection with what matters most.

We have lost our ability to be harmonious, empowered, connected, fair, equitable, just, centred, poised, in mastery and compassionate.

We have been told by society and cultural construct to be one way, yet we are causing deeper disconnect than ever before through our current fear-based actions.

We are disconnected from how to be men. These sessions will assist you in connecting to women and your own sexuality with great authentic power.

We can transform this.

We can evolve this.

Our time is now.

You are ready, we are ready and together we can stand in verticality and strength – discernment and authentically connected power.

Coaching Topic: LC Problems & Solutions
Gender of the Coach: Male

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