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I have taught in a standard classroom for 14 years and recently embarked upon an online learning tool that has revolutionized my own teaching practices.

This FREE online learning tool for people of all ages is dedicated to all grade levels and almost every subject area.

The SAT practice section has research based effectiveness, when utilized properly.

The problem is that parents do not know how to monitor it and students rarely use it effectively.

I will take you through the layers and features and show you some of the benefits that unlock its full learning potential.

You can sign up for a 1 time session where we explore the overall features of the program and connect parents to their child's program so you can always monitor progress. During this session we will discuss CollegeBoard and the benefits of linking accounts and how to do that step by step.

Online education is advancing. Let me show you how to be ahead of the curve.

By way of introduction my name is Anna Robinson and it is my pleasure to serve you. I have been a teacher and administrator in the public school sector for 14 years including middle school and high school. In addition to teaching full-time I have also worked part time in multiple administrative positions such as district trainer, budget coordinator, lead tutoring facilitator for the district supplemental educational services program.

I have participated as well as led several committees and school improvement initiatives throughout my tenure. I received my educational leadership masters degree from the University of South Florida in May 2010. While working in a district administrative capacity for 9 years of my career, I have trained hundreds of facilitators and conducted whole group as well as one on one procedural and technology training.

I recently started a mastermind group in the Tampa Bay area and am utilizing my entrepreneurial skills to enhance education for all ages. The mastermind group teaches financial literacy, wealth creation and long term residual asset building, as well as networking and team building skills.

I currently teach Test Prep and Reading Strategy courses in the most dynamic and affluent high school in Tampa and coach in my free time. I am certified to teach secondary education social sciences, ESOL edorsed, Reading/Literacy education and school site Administration.

Keywords: Advanced Online SAT, Practice, OnlineCoaching, CollegeBoard, education
Coaching Topic: LC Educate young Adults
Gender of the Coach: Female

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