Radames Pera

Radames Pera

Started professional life at the age of eight (in 1968) starring as Anthony Quinn's dying son in the feature film "A Dream of Kings". Acted in Hollywood for the next twenty years, most notably as Grasshopper/Young Caine in the original hit TV series "Kung Fu" and as John, Jr. in "Little House on the Prairie", as well as many other unique performances.

Had to reinvent myself in my mid 20's when The Biz was done with me, as happens to 99.9% of all child actors, and pursue something else. So in 1988 I started All Systems Go! in Los Angeles, Designing and Installing Home Theaters and Multi-Room Sound Systems. As luck would have it, I ended up working directly with Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone, Nicholas Cage, Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Stiller just to note a few top stars among the list that even I am impressed with - and proud of.

To my own surprise, I was very successful with this for well over 25 years years during which time I also relocated to four different U.S. cities (Portland OR, Austin TX, Ventura CA, and San Diego CA) - with each time having to do the footwork to build up a sustainable word-of-mouth network - no small feat in itself.

I retired from this labor-intensive work in 2015, and in my second marriage became a first time father at 55. Have been living in France since 2017 and putting the finishing touches on the memoirs of my fascinating life - now looking for a good literary agent and publisher, no small feat either!

I've lived, and I believe my experience and perspective thereon could be of help to you.

Talk with me. How may I be of service?

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Edad: 60
Anni di esperienza: 20+
KEYWORDS: Grasshopper, Kung Fu, Acting, Dialects, Coping Skills, Increasing Awareness , Happiness, Child Star, Marriage Coaching, Patience Coaching

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Thanks Again!! Good Session

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Thanks again and always a pleasure. Talk to you in 2-3 weeks

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Thank You Radames. Always a pleasure

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Radames Pera