Coach Jean

Hi! I'm a sought-after Life Coach and Trainer with a person centered approach. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for understanding the mind/body/spirit connection, how to be successful in life, and how people grow through times of transitions to become better versions of themselves. I have focused a large amount of my life and studies on discovering the practical and actionable steps to support growth on all levels, and I understand that different things work for different people. I have a master’s degree from Syracuse University and decades of successful experience as a coach and trainer. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the field of Alcohol and Drug addiction recovery, and positive health behavior change, and I am comfortable working with those to struggle with anxiety. I am a patient listener with the goal of understanding and offering practical strategies to help each individual grow from where they are. I have found that many of my clients do very well with regular 20 to 30 minute sessions. As a client you are always in control.
Additionally I am an actor and improviser who is available to provide script readings to help you prepare for scenes and auditions.
Plus I am an English Language Tutor to Business professionals learning English, and I am making this service available to you.

Anni di esperienza: 20+
KEYWORDS: On Demand Coaching, Life Coach, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Relationships, Sobriety and Recovery Coach, Stress Management Coach, Healthy Lifestyles Coaching, Transitions, break-up coaching, moving on, anxiety, grief, boundaries, communication, forgiveness, self-improvement, self-love, Learning English as a second language, audition prep

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