Christopher Mahan

Christopher Mahan

My Passion is empowering individuals to achieve their full potential and success. As your coach, I am dedicated to helping you find your Parental Leadership path. I use a 7 Principal system that I developed to help parents be the leaders to their children.

  1. Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills (Family and Couples)
  2. Becoming the LEADERS Style Parent (LSP) your 5 to 25 year old needs.
  3. Early Childhood Development skills begin early... lets get started

Areas of Coaching
1. Teens
2. Parents and Teens
3. Young Adult Employment Skills (Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Skills)
4. Teen Self Advocacy and Self Awareness (Vocational Rehabilitation Contractor for the State of Florida 2017 to Present)

My name is Chris Mahan, a father of two teenage boys and have been married 24 years, I am happy you are here. Over the last 25 years, I have had the honor of helping people advance both their business and family goals. As a former freelance film and TV crew professional, and later as an award winning film and advertising firm owner. I was able to help countless young people advance their professional goals. Like many people, after the fall of the economy in 2008, I had to reinvent myself. I went back to college where I learned that I truly love human behavior and psychology.
In 2011 I became a certified Florida Supreme Court Mediator and later a certified life coach. Using my new Conflict Resolution and Communication skills, I worked in the local courts helping people solve their disputes. As a life coach I was discovering a new and exciting way to help people live their best life.

In 2012 to 2014 after hearing of a local teen suicide, I have begun to focus my efforts on helping parents strengthen their parent/child relationship. With the help of my wife, we started a local non-profit called Crazy 8 Freedom. The focus of our efforts was to help prevent another local teen suicide while teaching parental leadership to often scared and lost parents.
In August of 2014 to present, I began working for a Federal government agency working directly with young adults ages 18 to 24. My duties included teaching a 40-hour job readiness workshop, upon completion of the workshop the youth are placed into either an internship or a direct hire opportunity with local employers. I have worked directly with over 400 young adults with a success rate of 85%.

Twitter: @leadyourteen@1
Edad: 52
Anni di esperienza: 20+
KEYWORDS: Teens, Family, Couples, Young Adult Employment Skills, Self Advocacy, Parental Leadership, Personal Development, Goal Setting,

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Christopher Mahan