Bianca Braun

Bianca Braun

Hej, I am Bianca and I love to support people to live their dream life. I am specified on highly sensitive people, dreamers, rebells, creatives, artists and empaths who don't want to fit in but create their own life.

I am on my own path concerning this since nearly 20 years, learning and growing, gaining courage, self-confidence and freedom more and more. I have experience in (partly horse assisted) mind mirror coaching since 2018 and since 2011 I support people with shamanic rituals and trance travels.

If you want to learn how to see and feel your being different as a super power and need support on that way, I am the right mindset trainer for you. Life can be magic if we decide to see it so. All the ups and downs can be seen as gifts to grow.

Being not alone in that process is profound and that's why I love coaching so much. Let's do this journey together!

Edad: 36
Anni di esperienza: 1-5
KEYWORDS: Highly sensitive people, Living your Dreams, Trust yourself and life

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Bianca Braun