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Within the international seduction community I go by the name Dr. StrangeLuv, I'm a YouTube Influencer and founder of CupidSpeed dating apps/ website. But my specialization lies within dating and relationship counseling in addition to being a lifestyle and peak performance coach. I promise you faithfully that I can get you from where you are now to where you want to be. That means getting a girlfriend, dating multiple women, getting married, or helping you with any challenges you may be having with your wife or girlfriend.

I was not born successful with women. Even though I was a decent looking and successful guy, I was constantly getting blown off or jerked around by the women I really wanted. When I did have relationships… they were chaotic, argumentative, short-lived, full of drama, and would leave me broken-hearted time after time.

Thru a lot of years of struggle, hard work, research, and spending time interviewing men who were naturally successful with women, I learned over a five year period how to model what they did to get the same results.

Now I can walk up to any woman I want, get her number in seconds, and create a fantastic relationship full of passionate sex, romance, and most importantly, free of drama and arguments. My relationships are effortless now and yours can be too! All those who book appointments with me will see me with my mask off, as I provide you with one on one coaching for dating and relationship mastery. I also accept female clients as well and people of all sexual orientation.

Faithfully yours,
Dr. StrangeLuv

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DrStrangeluv is amazing, he is the best Love Coach for me. He helped me as a woman to understand what kind of attributes looking for. Also he is honest and makes me open my eyes. I would recommend him and trust him as an amazing true RelationshipCoach. Thanks for everything

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