An expert in senior living placement and a trusted senior care advisor for all senior related care services. I'm a CORE Certified Assisted Living Administrator and previous owner of a residential styled assisted living community. I have been providing direct care and supportive services to seniors and their families for over 10 years. In addition, I have the honor and privilege of working with top quality and trusted senior care providers in the industry.

My experience and professional connections have uniquely positioned me to help countless elderly persons and their loved ones, navigate successfully the complexities of choosing senior care options that are appropriate and affordable.

Our unique situations and circumstances may differ but at the core, we are all humans and my passion is to connect with you on an intimate level as it relates to senior care and navigating the many options available. I do this by sharing my years of experience and my in depth professional working relationships in the senior care industry.

Années d'expérience: 10-20
KEYWORDS: Senior Living Placement, Senior Care Referrals, Assisted Living Recommendations, Nursing Home Care, Group Home, Residential Care Homes, Help with care options, Navigating Senior Care Options,

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